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Historic Can-Am Association
2017 Historic Can-Am Features (Plus Other Can-Am Race Grids)

April 7-9 HMSA Historic Can-Am Feature with IndyCar at Long Beach. This is a support race for the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach IndyCar Race. Owners of period-authentic cars are invited to apply. Chris Vandagriff of HMSA is in charge of the feature. Two practice sessions along with a Saturday race are scheduled. Info @ www.HMSAUSA.com, or call 1 (818) 249-3515 (CA).

July 20-23 Road America: HCAA Annual Historic Can-Am Feature Race celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 first Can-Am race at Road America. Road America did not hold a 1966 race. Also celebrated will be the first year of Team McLaren’s Championship in 1967. There are classes for Small Block Monocoque, Tube Frame, Big Block and Unlimited (Turbo) Cars in the big Sunday feature race. There are also special Celebrations, a Reunion, Lunches, Hospitality, and autograph sessions All past crew, sponsors, drivers, media involved in the original 1966-1974 Can-Am Series are invited. The online entry will be open at www.roadamerica.com in Spring 2017.

August 30-September 4 (Tentative) – Lime Rock Historics: There is a discussion with organizer Murray Smith on holding a HCAA Historic Can-Am feature at the big Lime Rock Historics. The discussion includes: “can we get 22 or so entrants, which would give at least an 18-car Monday feature, also the proposal for entrant hospitality is to be determined. Jim Freeman owner/driver of the Matich has agreed to help owner/driver contacts.

Other: HSR has scheduled a HCAA Feature every other year at The Mitty Road Atlanta. There are continuing discussions of HCAA Historic Can-Am Features at several other events, one for 2017, most for 2018.

Info: Please call Dan Davis, HCAA Chairman at (650) 321-1411 if you have any questions or need more info.

  Dan Davis, Chairman
2460 Park Blvd. #4
Palo Alto, CA 94301
(650) 321-1411
(650) 321-4426 FAX

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